Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Proposal

In mid-July, a severe storm tore across my family's farm, uprooting and splitting trees (including my favorite maple) and tearing down the front of of our metal pole barn. Luckily the house was fine, although my family was without power for several days. Aaron and I went over on Saturday to find my dad's brother and his family, as well as mine, sharing deli sandwiches on the deck. In a true spirit of community, we all piled into a car and drove to the nearby bike trail to help with clean-up.

That night, one month ago today, Aaron and I returned to his house. There was a beautiful full moon, and Aaron started walking toward the red barn. "Come look at the moon," he said.

I was tired. "I can see the moon from here," I grumbled. But something tugged at me, so I followed him.

We stood there behind the barn holding hands and looking at the moon. Suddenly he turned to me. He didn't get down on one knee. He just held my hand and looked at me and said, "Kate, will you marry me?"

"Are you seriously asking me?" I blurted out.

He was! Of course, neither of us could sleep after that. We went back into the house, put on an old TV show (Star Trek Voyager - yes, we decided to celebrate my junior-high geekiness), talked, and cuddled.

The next morning when we went to tell my family, my mom said, "What's up? You're smiling ear to ear."

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