Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just What "The Knot" Tells Us Not To Do

In their fall 2008 magazine, The Knot included an article on which aspects of a wedding you could do yourself, and which should be left to professionals. Here's where Aaron and I are breaking the rules:

Photography: My mom and sister both take beautiful photographs. I also have two dear college friends who graduated with photography degrees, and I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that they'll be able to make it to our wedding and snap some pictures while they're there.

Cake: The Knot tells me that I should not bake my own cake, because the quality of the outcome will be lacking. I disagree. My wonderful mother makes the most mouth-watering chocolate cake I've ever tasted, Aaron's mom makes a cheesecake that he loves, and one of my best friends is so excited about the opportunity to bake us a cake that she's already started looking at recipes. A decorative cake is not a priority for me, but delicious cakes baked with love by our family and friends? How could I have it any other way?

Day-of Coordination: For me, this is a loving circle of family and friends ready to lend a hand on the big day.

Centerpieces: I'm thinking a few fresh flowers tucked into mason jars. For help, I have sisters who've decorated our Thanksgiving table beautifully for the past few years and have a wonderful artistic eye.

Catering: Aaron and I are thinking of stepping outside of tradition for this and eating dinner before the ceremony. Our thoughts? Grilled brats and hot dogs, potato salad, fresh garden produce, and a favorite beer set up buffet style. We want dinner to be a little more laid-back - a time for everyone to get together and enjoy some simple, good homemade food.

Music: The Knot specifically tells us not to turn to the iPod, but that's exactly what we're thinking of doing. We want to include our guests by allowing them to send in song requests early - that way the music won't be limited to what Aaron and I like as a couple (a big concern for The Knot). My dad also plays the violin, and I'd love to have him play during the evening. Also, since we're getting married on Switzerland's Independence Day, I think an alp horn and some yodeling is in order!

Sorry, The Knot, it looks like we're taking on everything you've told us to leave to the pros...

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