Thursday, February 3, 2011

A long hiatus

Hello, internet. Remember me? It's been a long time since November, but I've been spending it, overall, very happily. There's been a lot of snow and flannel and wool, and hot chocolate and snuggling with the big dog. There's been wonderful stories and poems to read.
There's the old chicken coop, freshly sheetrocked and painted and filled with cozy hand-me-down furniture. I've spent many minutes simply sitting on the couch, looking around blissfully, happy to see the books out of boxes.

There have also been two new faces to become acquainted with:
Margo came first, arriving home in the middle of a snowstorm. She's a LaMancha with small, curled ears that are soft and silky. She is quiet and dignified and likes to watch me as I move around the barn doing chores. She's very broad right now, due to have her kids in just over a month.

Peanut had to leave her mama and sisters to come and live with us, and she cried all the way home. She's an Oberhasli and not even a year old. She explores everything with her mouth and has already chewed a hole in my favorite hat. She nibbles on gloves and boot laces and hay nets. I have a feeling that Margo finds Peanut a bit embarrassing sometimes, but they still like each other.

It's very cold and blustery today, but we've made it to February. Spring's ahead, and I'm looking forward to it with such enthusiasm.

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