Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have a Seat

because I'm about to show you something pretty cute:
This is a keet, or baby guinea. I have thirteen others, and yesterday was so hot that they stayed out on the porch, no heat lamp necessary.

I hope they'll grow up and become tick-eating machines. They also promise to be better guard dogs than our two canines. Hannah, more often than not, is caught by surprise during a nap and lets out a couple of barks after the fact to try to cover her embarrassment.

Even without their loud "buckwheat" call, I think they'll stand out. The cuteness factor won't last, and while their feathers are beautiful, guinea fowl heads are fantastic and decidedly strange:


Jenni said...

your posts always make me want to live on a farm! What a cute little thing!

Erin L said...

I think adult guinea heads are a sign God has a sense of humor.

Kate said...

Jenni - Now multiply that cuteness by 14. I melt.

Erin - I think it looks like they got into their mother's make-up!